Engineering systems design and installation company Civinity Engineering, together with construction company Veikmės statyba, will install the engineering systems for the production facilities of the Continental plant in Kaunas. Civinity Engineering specialists will install the plumbing, sewage, heating, cooling and ventilation systems in the new Continental automotive electronics components factory building. These will provide air renewal for the production areas at a rate of more than 600,000 m3 per hour.

A heat recovery system will allow the heat generated during production to be used to heat the administrative and other areas and to support other domestic needs. The installation of the new systems and the connection to the existing infrastructure will be carried out without affecting the round-the-clock operation of the first phase plant.

“The production of technologically sophisticated systems requires special conditions, which is why the air quality and microclimate requirements here are particularly stringent. We have extensive experience in large and complex projects, such as the BOD solar module factory and the Ignalina NPP infrastructure, so everything will be ready on time and to a high standard,” comments Titas Kecorius, CEO of Civinity Engineering.

“The requirements for the expansion project are extremely high, with engineering solutions to ensure the required cleanliness class and indoor microclimate. The project must be executed not only with high quality, but also quickly, without affecting the production processes in the existing premises,” says Mantas Bagdonavičius, Director of Veikmės statyba. “We are delighted that the client appreciated our experience and professional team and chose us as a partner for the implementation of these goals. We believe that Civinity Engineering’s team of professionals will be a perfect complement to our, Contestus’ and BE LIVE’s (Baltic Engineers) teams and will not only meet but exceed the client’s expectations.”

About the building:

The second phase of Continental’s expansion in the Kaunas Free Economic Zone will see the construction of a nearly 9,000 sqm industrial building. The A++ energy-efficient building will house a production line for automotive electronic components, warehouse space and administrative offices. The building is scheduled for completion in spring 2024.

About Civinity Engineering:

Civinity engineering is one of the largest engineering systems design and installation companies in Lithuania. The company offers and installs engineering solutions for buildings of all kinds. The company’s systems are used in business centres Park Town, Green Hall in Vilnius and Magnum in Kaunas, shopping centres DEPO, Nordika, BOD Research Centre, Švyturias Brewery, etc. “Civinity engineering is part of Civinity, one of the largest housing and commercial building management groups in the Baltic States. Civinity engineering has been involved in the design and installation of engineering systems since 1999 and has designed and installed more than 1 million square metres of buildings. More than 200 employees implement projects in Lithuania and the United Kingdom.