“Civinity Engineering is installing ventilation, cooling, water supply and wastewater systems in the multifunctional swimming pool of the Lazdynai Fitness Centre. 

The pool has one of the most modern swimming pools in the Baltics – 50 and 25 metre swimming pools. The eight-lane 50-metre pool will be used for swimming and the 25-metre pool for diving. The adjustable depth of the pool will give everyone the opportunity to train in the centre: water enthusiasts, athletes, seniors, children, mothers with toddlers and disabled people. In addition to the swimming pool complex, the complex will also feature fitness rooms, wellness centres and sauna areas. Next to the swimming pools, there will be 1,000 and 200-seat grandstands for spectators. The centre will have modern changing rooms, support facilities for other sports, modern showers, and stands with several hundred seats.

Ventilation systems play a very important role in swimming pools, and this building is equipped with a large number of ventilation systems of extremely high efficiency and dimensions. The modern architecture of the building also dictates special requirements for the engineering systems. 

Therefore, the materials, equipment and workmanship of the engineering systems in such sports centres need to be of the highest quality in order to ensure that the building is comfortable, durable, safe and energy-efficient for many years of its life (operation). To ensure that athletes and guests feel comfortable.

The installation of the systems is now nearing completion and the final and most responsible stage of the work is the coordination and commissioning of the engineering systems.