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“We are satisfied with the work and can recommend them as a responsible and reliable company and long-term partner.” The first phase of the installation of the engineering systems for the 18 000 square metre Švyturio – Utenos alus brewery complexes started in 2008, and the second phase of the 18 000 square metre brewery complex […]

“We recommend Civinity Engineering as a competent, highly qualified, responsible and reliable company and long-term partner.” The 6 000 square metre nut and dried fruit processing plant Arimex project was completed in 2012.  The client’s activities required a perfect microclimate and comfort control system to ensure the right conditions for the processing of products in […]

„Civinity Engineering successfully delivered solutions for Business Garden Vilnius, LEED Platinum award project.” The 55 000 square metre office building complex „Business Garden Vilnius“ project was launched in mid-2019. Civinity Engineering has assembled a team of 160 employees to achieve the project’s objectives. The installation of the heating, ventilation, air cooling, sewage, plumbing and automatic fire extinguishing systems […]