Innovating the Future Cities:

Our Journey in PropTech Investments

Statistics show that we spend 21 hours a day in buildings. That’s why our vision is to develop the Smart Green City ecosystem, which will integrate all essential services for citizens, related to living, working, and receiving services in buildings, as well as mobility for traveling between them.

Our strategy to achieve this vision is to collaborate with other leaders in the PropTech industry to develop technologies and combine them into a single smart product that every city can easily adopt. We cooperate not only with other PropTech leaders but also strive to ignite further growth of startups whose products set high new standards in the industry.

Explore our key investments below:

Valandinis – Revolutionizing Labor Rent with Shared Economy Principles

Valandinis is reshaping the construction industry by facilitating labor rent based on shared economy principles. This platform allows construction firms to manage workforce needs dynamically, renting out excess labor to other developers in need. This not only maximizes efficiency but also ensures projects can proceed without delays due to workforce shortages. Our investment in Valandinis is an investment in making the construction sector more adaptable and resource-efficient.

InBalance Grid – Advanced EV Charging Solutions

InBalance Grid provides cutting-edge electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions equipped with robust software for smart energy management. Their technology enables efficient integration of EV chargers into the existing energy systems, optimizing energy usage and enhancing the sustainability of urban environments. By investing in InBalance Grid, Civinity Group supports the proliferation of sustainable transportation options and smart city initiatives.

MELP – Streamlining Employee Benefits Utilization

MELP simplifies the management and utilization of employee benefits. Their platform ensures that all employee perks are tracked and readily accessible, enhancing the overall employee experience by making benefits easier to use and more transparent. Civinity Group’s investment in MELP highlights our focus on improving workplace environments and supporting our staff with the best possible tools.

Looking Ahead

Our venture into PropTech through these strategic investments demonstrates Civinity Group’s commitment to innovation and excellence. By partnering with leading-edge startups, we are not only investing in their groundbreaking technologies but also in the future of smarter, more sustainable cities and the well-being of citizens.