Civinity became a sponsor of the football club Neptūnas


Civinity became a sponsor of the football club Neptūnas

The football club Neptūnas, established just two years ago, has received new sponsors. At the end of May, the Civinity group became the new sponsor of the club.

“More than 15 years ago, the first company Vitės Valdos, operating in Klaipeda, joined the Civinity group. Thus, the origins of Civinity’s business comes from the seaside, so we are very close to the Klaipėda region and it’s sports community, therefore we are determined to support the recently established football club, ” said Deividas Jacka, CEO of the company.

“As you know, football in Lithuania is not as popular and loved as basketball, but it is one of the most popular sports not only in Europe, but also around the world, so it is necessary to expand and promote it in Lithuania. The most important thing is consistency. For a club to grow, the interest and logical sequence of work of all parties in the club is required. First of all, we need to start not only with the place, the quality of the stadium, the coaches, the staff, who are determined to make every person not only an athlete, but also a promising player who works not only with body but also with mind, and we, as the sponsors, to improve the infrastructure as much as it is possible.”, – continued his speech about the cooperation Mr. D. Jacka.

Tadas Vaitkus, the director of the club and the project manager of the KFA Academy, is happy to support the sponsor and move up the career ladder together with the football team.

“We are very happy to have the support of such a responsible and forward-looking sponsor, who takes care not only of the development of the main team, but also of the children’s team, encourages the development of football not only in Klaipeda, but also in the whole Lithuania. Our thoughts and goals coincide, as we pay special attention to all those who join the sport of football and strive to provide the best possible opportunities to improve, work in a team, win and discover our strengths together and apply them in the game. The main plan of this year’s club is to take the highest places in the first league, earn a ticket to the A league tournament and move up the career ladder. With the help of sponsors, the possibility to achieve it only increases.” – says T. Vaiktus.

“After each victory we are happy to see the team’s emotions, because it is the biggest stimulus to improve and reach heights. The most important thing in defeat is not to lose faith and to take it as a lesson. We wish the club to grow and strengthen, and we will help to do it faster. ”- the new sponsor of the Neptūnas football club shared his insights and encouragement.

Deividas Jacka, CEO of the Civinity group, and Sigitas Ambrazevičius, the club’s patron, were honored and awarded with a football shirt and Neptūnas scarves at the match held at the Klaipėda City Central Stadium on Saturday.

Photo: FC Neptūnas Klaipėda