“Civinity Engineering” installs modern engineering systems at Lazdynai swimming pool


“Civinity Engineering” installs modern engineering systems at Lazdynai swimming pool

On 15 February, the Lazdynai swimming pool, the most modern in the country, will open its doors. “Civinity Engineering” designed and installed the ventilation, cooling, plumbing and wastewater systems in that facility. Nerijus Rudokas, the company’s development manager, says that the work posed its own challenges, but everything was completed on time.

“The systems we have installed support the entire pool microclimate, which is very important in this type of building. Ensuring the right microclimate in a building of this size and shape is quite a challenge. To fit all the engineering systems into a modern architectural building, we used 3D computer models in a BIM environment. We are pleased with the result we have achieved. The efficient ventilation and cooling systems we have designed help reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs,” says N. Rudokas.

According to “Civinity Engineering” Development manager, the installation of one of the most modern multifunctional complexes in the Baltic States contributed to the company’s solid experience in installing complex engineering systems.

“Almost at the same time as the Lazdynai complex, we were installing the Kaunas Žalgiris Arena swimming pool, and soon the Molėtai pool will open its doors. It can be said that we are the only ones in Lithuania who have such experience in installing Olympic-standard swimming pools”, – says N. Rudokas.

The Lazdynai multifunctional complex features a 50-metre Olympic-size swimming pool and a 25-metre high diving and regular diving pool. The grand pool will offer a 1000-seat grandstand for sports events. There is also a SPA area, gym and cafés installed at the facility.

About „Civinity Engineering“:

Civinity Engineering is one of the largest engineering systems design and installation companies in Lithuania. The company specializes in engineering solutions for buildings of different purposes – its installed systems are used in Vilnius “Park Town”, “Green Hall”, Kaunas “Magnum” business centers, “DEPO”, “Nordika” shopping centers, “BOD” research center, “Švyturys” beer factory and elsewhere. Civinity Engineering is part of Civinity, one of the largest housing and commercial building management companies in the Baltic States. Civinity Engineering has been designing and installing engineering systems since 1999, and has designed and installed more than six million square meters of buildings. More than 200 employees carry out projects in Lithuania and the United Kingdom.