Civinity group changes company names and brands, also presents a renewed brand identity and websites


Civinity group changes company names and brands, also presents a renewed brand identity and websites

Civinity, one of the largest building maintenance and engineering solutions groups in the Baltics, is changing the names and brands of companies managed in Lithuania, Latvia and the United Kingdom and will henceforth be called Civinity. As part of the Civinity Group’s new brand strategy, the company is also introducing a renewed brand identity and websites.

Founded in 2005, the Civinity Group has united more than 20 companies providing residential building administration and maintenance, commercial building maintenance and engineering solutions services over 15 years of intensive development. After acquisition, most of the companies retained the former names. Implementing the new Civinity Group’s brand strategy, the group companies in Lithuania, Latvia and the United Kingdom are changing the company names and brands. The company announces that the names of the companies have already been changed, and the brands will finally change in the next couple of months.

Companies providing apartment buildings administration and maintenance services, such as Senamiesčio ūkis or Vitės valdos in Lithuania and  Hausmaster, AS or Jūrmalas Namsaimnieks in Latvia, will henceforth be branded as Civinity Home (Civinity Namai in Lithuania and Civinity Mājas in Latvia). Engineering systems design and building company Dizaja will henceforth be called Civinity Engineering, and the UK-based company will be called Civinity Engineerinjg UK. Companies providing maintenance services for commercial and public buildings will retain the name Civinity Solutions, which was changed last year. The whole group, in the international and national markets, will be called one, common name Civinity.

We chose to be called by a common name thinking about the client and simplicity for him. We are one – Civinity – team that provides facility management and engineering solutions. At the same time, we have very specific competencies in providing services to different clients. Therefore, we distinguish each service by adding the word “Home”, “Solutions” and “Engineering”.

Deividas Jacka, Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Civinity Group.

According to D. Jacka, the changes were prompted not only by a dynamic market, but also by the start of business development outside the Baltic States.

By merging the group’s companies under one Civinity brand, we are taking an important step that symbolises a new, strong start for us. These brand changes reflect Civinity’s new strategy to offer the best quality customer service and services on the market and to continue to expand both in the Baltics and beyond.

D. Jacka

In cooperation with the advertising agency Godspeed, Group has also updated the visual identity of the brands and the websites.

After getting acquainted with the new brand strategy and the goal to unite different brandnames the challenge was the size and adaptability of the design system. Together with the team we have worked to ensure that the new Civinity design is renewed not only externally but also internally, with a large set of different tools designed to address the various cases in which the design can be used.

Aurelija Slapšytė, a senior designer at Godspeed.