“Civinity” introduces new management of “Civinity LT” and “Civinity Solutions”


“Civinity” introduces new management of “Civinity LT” and “Civinity Solutions”

Civinity, one of the largest building maintenance and engineering solutions groups in the Baltics, announces changes in the management of Civinity LT and Civinity Solutions.

As of 1 August 2022 Vilija Zapalskienė will start her new role as CEO of Civinity LT  and will take over the management of Civinity Solutions, a provider of commercial and public building maintenance services, on 16 August 2022.

She replaced Giedrius Eidimtas, who has been working successfully in various roles within the Civinity Group since November 2016, as the CEO of Civinity LT. By decision of the shareholders of Civinity AB, as of 1 August Giedrius Eidimtas will be withdrawn as a member of the Board of Directors of Civinity AB.

Vilija Zapalskienė, who has joined Civinity since 2018, has successfully led and will continue to lead the high-performing Inservis Group and has extensive experience in this and other business areas.

“Optimization processes and changes are inevitable when acquiring new companies. However, this only opens up new opportunities for the team to grow while ensuring the delivery of quality services to clients. I believe that this change will only bring new opportunities for growth and development for all of us,” says Vilija Zapalskienė, the new CEO of Civinity LT.

Vilija Zapalskienė

“In nature, as in the life of a company, there are clearly observable cycles in which the challenges of management efficiency increase as the company grows. Today, such a cycle seems to have reached a turning point in the Civinity Group. Following recent acquisitions, we have embarked on a process of optimization which has led to a number of changes in the team. This by no means implies that one area or another is poor or inefficient. I personally and the entire Group management are grateful to all of them together as a team and to each of them individually for their contribution to the development and growth of the Civinity Group. This is just the end of one cycle before we move to the next, much higher level and we wish everyone the best of luck”, says Deividas Jacka, Chairman and CEO.

The Board of Directors of Civinity AB will continue to be composed of Deividas Jacka, Chairman of the Board, Giedrius Jakubauskas, Edvinas Paulauskas and Vytenis Morkūnas.

In 2021, the consolidated sales revenue of the Civinity Group amounted to EUR 48,629 thousand and was EUR 3,209 thousand lower than in 2020 (EUR 51,838 thousand). Consolidated profit before tax in 2021 was EUR 1 726 thousand, up from EUR 1 682 thousand in the previous reporting period.

“Civinity is one of the largest building maintenance and engineering solutions groups in the Baltics. In mid-October 2021, Civinity successfully placed a EUR 8 million bond issue, which is listed on the Nasdaq Vilnius bond list.