Civinity invited Klaipėda students to take care of the environment


Civinity invited Klaipėda students to take care of the environment

One of the largest groups of building maintenance and engineering solutions in the Baltic States, Civinity, on Wednesday invited the students of Klaipėda Vydūnas Gymnasium to a social action, during which they contributed to the restoration of the urban environment through noble work.

“Many consider April a month of cleanliness, but we should not forget about environmental care all year round. Everyone wants to live in a beautiful and tidy environment, and what can we do about it ourselves? After all, building a clean and tidy city starts with each of us. Therefore, it is very important to share a good example with students, to tell and show how the urban environment is supervised by environmentalists, active communities or social leaders, and why their work is important for all city residents, ”says Giedrius Eidimtas, Head of Civinity Lietuva.

Both various organizations and individuals come together every year to manage the environment. The aim of this campaign is to show that cooperation can strengthen community ties, reduce social exclusion and increase social responsibility. Representatives of Civinity, together with the environmental management specialists of the company Pastatų meistrai and almost 30 seventh grade students of Klaipėda Vydūnas Gymnasium, carried out a social action in Kristijonas Donelaitis Square.

“We are always happy when the environment, the order prevailing in it is pleasing to the eye, we know that it is done by responsible employees, but does this really have to be taken care of only by the people responsible for these jobs? There are few proactive citizens working for the environment, so we must each start with ourselves. It is very nice to contribute to this beautiful campaign and to the cleaning of our beloved Klaipeda city. It is a great idea and idea that we can involve young people in such initiatives and develop their citizenship. We hope to set an example for others. We also believe that this could become a beautiful and traditional initiative in the future, therefore we would like to thank the Civinity team for the invitation and wish beautiful and meaningful work in the future, ”says Arvydas Girdzijauskas, the director of Klaipėda Vydūnas Gymnasium.

The participants of the social campaign were awarded medals established by the Civinity company and invited to a fun picnic. This is not the first social campaign organized by the company in Klaipeda. Not forgetting to pay attention to the general image of Klaipeda city and continuing to fill in the list of good works, the Civinity company renovated the benches in Kristijonas Donelaitis Square at the beginning of this summer.