Civinity send message to Ukrainians fleeing war: we will employ over 100 people and, together with our partners, we will offer jobs to thousands more


Civinity send message to Ukrainians fleeing war: we will employ over 100 people and, together with our partners, we will offer jobs to thousands more

Civinity offers construction jobs and accommodation to Ukrainians fleeing the horrors of war. The company would employ more than 100 people and, through its partners, 1,000 refugees would also find work.

“The Civinity Group, which currently operates in three countries – Lithuania, Latvia and the UK – already has Ukrainian workers. In total, there are around 50 employees. However, some of them decided to return to their homeland to defend it after Russia invaded Ukraine.

“For our part, we have decided to show our solidarity with our neighbouring country suffering from war and would like to inform you that we are ready to accept and employ Ukrainians – 100 or more. As the company operates in three countries, jobs can be offered in any of them.

Moreover, we work closely with other companies, so I’m sure that number could grow several times over,” says Deividas Jacka, Founder and CEO of Civinity, who is demonstrating social responsibility in the face of the Ukrainian crisis.

The company, which employs 1,500 people and will reach 2,000 by the end of spring, operates throughout Lithuania.

The company designs, installs and maintains ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems.

“We are currently working on a huge contract in London, installing engineering systems, and many of the Ukrainians I mentioned already work there. We are a large organisation, one of the biggest players in the Baltics, we have a lot of orders, so we can guarantee stable work”, says the company’s CEO.

“Civinity offers jobs for the following professionals: plumbers, electricians, general construction workers, installers, cleaning service workers, IT specialists, etc.

“We can also offer accommodation for families – after all, many Ukrainians may be fleeing the war with their families and have no idea where to go or where to stay. So we are ready to provide them with a place to stay. And that would be the biggest added value,” says Mr Jacka.

“Civinity has many partners in the construction sector, and the CEO has no doubt that more than one of them will join the company’s initiative, increasing the number of jobs on offer from 100 to 1 000.

“You know a neighbour and a friend in trouble, so we would like to invite other colleagues to join this initiative. The people of Ukraine are currently facing one of the greatest tragedies possible and they need help and a human touch. After all, most of them are currently in a panic – where to go, where to stay, where to settle, how to support their families, etc. And for us, it’s about people first, not personal gain,” says the founder.

For more detailed information on employment, please contact the following contact details: +370 690 16848, [email protected]
Construction jobs can also be found on the website of Civinity’s partner