“Civinity” signs agreement with MELP employee benefits management platform and invests in the company as a business angel


“Civinity” signs agreement with MELP employee benefits management platform and invests in the company as a business angel

“Civinity” has signed a three-year contract under which group companies will use the MELP platform to increase the motivation of their employees. The company is also investing in service provider in a pre-ceed round. “MELP” is an HR technology platform that enables companies to attract and retain talent by leveraging employee rewards and allowing employees to create a personalised basket of discounts. “With “MELP”, “Civinity” will be able to seamlessly integrate its employee benefits packages into one platform.

“The technological transformation of the market and its continuous efficiency requires a new generation of professionals and a different kind of human resource management solutions. In order to be the most attractive employer in our field and to plan for growth, we look for market solutions and if we don’t find them, we invest in innovation,” says Deividas Jacka, CEO and owner of “Civinity”. 

“All the companies in the group have already chosen the “MELP” solution for managing personalised HR benefits and, seeing the high potential of this activity, we are investing in “MELP” as a business angel,” he says.

Showing value is crucial these days, where even small benefits are important and they also come at a cost to the company. Some benefits, if they become apparent, can take a prominent place in your total reward package. A comprehensive and transparent set of perks and benefits gives clarity and confidence to employees.

“Civinity” will give to its employees easy access to all the benefits they receive on their mobile devices, whenever they want them and wherever they are. This will allow  to tailor the benefits offerings to your employees and create a unique employee experience.

Juozas Sargūnas, Deividas Jacka, Vidmantas Šiugždinis

No more lost, hidden or forgotten benefits. 

“Everyone loves work-life balance. But each generation has different priorities in terms of how they want to be extra motivated – from training and personal development to extra holidays and insurance. “MELP allows us to personalise the way we look at employee benefits,” says Juozas Sargūnas, MELP CEO.

“The MELP platform allows companies to easily plan and manage their extra benefits, group them into categories and allow personalised employee choices. Employees are free to choose the product or service they want from a wide selection in the app’s marketplace, and companies receive a single bill for these services at the end of the month, saving time on supplier management.

“Businesses are turning to modern tools to improve the employee experience, make it easier to attract and retain talent, and exploit potential tax values. The ability for employees to choose the benefits they want is a huge advantage. Research shows that more than half of the benefits are still wasted – people don’t value something that is not personalised to them,” says Juozas Sargūnas.

Employees can also easily access their personal discounts on the platform and see the content of the app in a language they understand – 21 of them have already been installed. Employers can now provide and communicate benefits that are better tailored to each individual needs, and employees are increasingly demanding this as a market standard, especially in multinational companies.

The ability to analyse and see patterns 

A complete employee benefits package, stored in one place, is easy to access and review. Employees can choose from a range of possible alternatives and thus increase the value of their benefits. For HR managers, it allows them to budget more accurately for the company’s benefits package, save costs and see the use of the additional value provided.

The platform allows sending personalised, targeted messages to employees, choosing from a range of ready-made message templates. Organisations can move away from inefficient benefits distribution and focus on benefits that deliver more value for every penny invested.

Investing in future talent

Launched in 2021, MELP has already attracted €770,000 in investment and is used by corporate employees in eight countries around the world. 

“Civinity is a group of companies operating in the building maintenance sector, aiming to transform the traditional building business model into a technology company. The owner is the founder of Pentaframe Capital, a fund specialising in PropTech investments, and the founder of the start-up incubator Urban and Binary. 

The investment in MELP was made by SPV31, a group company in which Deividas Jacka and Domas Dargis are partners. Together, the entrepreneurs run the engineering systems design, development and installation business “Civinity Engineering”, the engineering systems maintenance business “Civinity Solutions” and residential building maintenance services in Vilnius.

“The “Civinity” Group has grown rapidly since its inception and now employs more than 1,600 people in three European countries (Lithuania, Latvia and the United Kingdom).