Civinity to oversee the largest industrial innovation park in the Baltics to be developed by VMG Group


Civinity to oversee the largest industrial innovation park in the Baltics to be developed by VMG Group

The engineering systems of the largest industrial innovation park in the Baltic States, VMG Technics R&D Park, developed by VMG Technics, an international investment company of VMG Group, will be maintained by Civinity Group.

One of the largest building maintenance and engineering solutions companies in the Baltics will ensure the smooth operation of all engineering systems and provide structural maintenance.

“It is both an honour and a great responsibility for us to cooperate with world-renowned international market leaders. We are proud that our team’s many years of experience have earned the trust of our partners, and that our sincere dedication justifies it.

It is also a great pleasure for us to take care of the Industrial Innovation Park because the vision of its creators is the same as ours: we are all striving to take Lithuania forward with modern technological solutions,” says Virgeda Jackaitė, Head of the Civinity Group.

The VMG Technics R&D Park, an industrial innovation park opening soon, is expected to eventually house 250 engineers and other professionals.

“The VMG Technics R&D Park project, which has the status of a project of national importance, will be the first in Lithuania where the engineering potential of industrial innovation will be concentrated under one roof. By bringing together specialists who create high added value, VMG Technics R&D Park will offer a wide range of services for the design, development and adaptation of technological solutions for companies operating in Lithuania and abroad.

“VMG Technics R&D Park will meet the needs dictated by the 4th generation of the technological revolution and will contribute to the development of the country’s innovation and competitiveness,” says Mantas Leknius, CEO of VMG Technics.

The Civinity Group, which provides building maintenance services and develops engineering solutions, unites 30 companies and operates in Lithuania, Latvia and Great Britain. The group takes care of almost 14 million sqm of residential and commercial space, and Civinity’s commercial clients include such brands as Rimi Lietuva, Maxima, DG AVIA, Hegelmann transporte, Senukai, DEPO, Hesburger, Caffeine, Eurovaistinė, Narvesen, Dominari, Babilonas and others.