One-stop-shop for building maintenance – the new trend  


One-stop-shop for building maintenance – the new trend  

Commercial buildings have unique maintenance requirements. Civinity Solutions, a provider of maintenance services for commercial and public buildings, is seeing changes in customer needs and new trends today.

When it comes to the maintenance of a large commercial building – prevention, troubleshooting and emergency maintenance services are non-negotiable. Not only maintenance, but also upgrades, monitoring of system performance and the unexpected can occur in extremely well planned jobs. 

“Ignas Urbonas, Director of Civinity Solutions, notes that when commercial and public building managers choose a maintenance company, they demand a one-stop shop and real-time response to problems.

“We have noticed that the one-stop-shop approach and the permanent presence of the contractor on site is also becoming an increasingly popular trend. Only 5% of the building maintenance market has opted for this type of service, but customers are increasingly choosing this model. Our long experience shows that the best quality building maintenance model is one where the engineering systems are installed by a contractor, with a technical staff member on site at all times, a project manager and a building management system (BMS) specialist working remotely, and a team of at least four specialists visiting the site periodically to carry out the relevant preventive maintenance,” says Ignas Urbonas, Director of Civinity Solutions.

According to the company, the on-site building maintenance specialists will be familiar with the client’s operations and engineering systems from day one, which means they will know exactly what is best for the company. Most importantly, the manager does not have to worry about staff availability, does not have to invest in training, tools, certifications, and the problem of specific competencies and unplanned situations (illness or other) is solved.

“If a company decides to have a dedicated building maintenance specialist on-site, it definitely shortens the turnaround time – all real estate issues can be dealt with immediately, instead of waiting for an external service provider to respond. After all, their priority is your property,” says Urbonas.

Another priority of this increasingly popular service is that the company’s professional can respond Another priority of this increasingly popular service is that an on-site specialist can react more quickly to customer queries and optimize the speed and quality of troubleshooting. This service is often chosen by innovative companies providing exceptional building solutions. 

“For the maintenance of our newly constructed 9,500 m² Aero City office building, we selected Civinity Solutions’ one-stop-shop facility technical maintenance model through a tender process  and we look forward to a high quality cooperation,” says Darius Zabarskas, Director of Aero City 1.

“Civinity Solutions” plans to provide building maintenance services for this unique, aircraft – artifact exposing, office of the Avia Solutions Group from April. The choice of the partner was determined by the size of the object and the need for a particularly fast response.

“Civinity has already designed and installed more than 2,000 state-of-the-art engineering systems in Lithuania and Latvia, and provides maintenance, remote management, prevention, emergency response and cleaning services for public and commercial buildings.

“Civinity Solutions is an international commercial and public building maintenance company, maintaining more than 5.5 million sq m of commercial and public buildings. Civility Solutions has been responsible for 5.5 million sqm of facilities in the Baltic States, including Kesko Senukai Latvia, Radisson Hotel Group, Citadele Bank’s headquarters in Riga and branches throughout Lithuania, Neste Lietuva and Viada Latvija, Inchcape Motors car dealerships in Lithuania, RIMI stores in Lithuania and Latvia, mobile operator Bitė buildings in Latvia, Vilnius NORDIKA shopping mall, the only Hilton hotel in Lithuania, business centers in Vilnius: “Park town, Live Square, S9 Link, Skraidenis, business centers in Kaunas: Arka, Magnum, production buildings Soli Tek cells, BOD Group*, Narbutas, logistics center in Klaipeda. “Vlantana, Švyturio Arena sports and entertainment arena in Klaipėda, Švyturio Arena, and other facilities. Civinity Solutions is part of the Civinity Group, a group of more than 20 companies that manages 10 million sq m of residential and commercial buildings.