The most modern “Civinity Engineering“ systems will be installed in “Kaunorama“ skyscrapers


The most modern “Civinity Engineering“ systems will be installed in “Kaunorama“ skyscrapers

The developers of “Kaunorama” apartments, Juozapavičiaus 139 A, have chosen the engineering systems design company Civinity Engineering for the installation of microclimate and other engineering systems in an exclusive project of sixteen-storey towers at Juozapavičiaus str. 139A, Kaunas.

Until 2022 An impressive penthouse and 2–4-room apartments on the banks of the Nemunas will open their doors in Kaunas in the third quarter of 2006, allowing you to rise above everything. They offer a promising panorama through the windows every day of the year.

The project is not out of the ordinary – the buildings are pencil-shaped (tapering at the bottom), making it a challenge for designers. The total area of ​​all buildings with a common underground parking lot is a little over 19,000 square meters, and the height of each building is 55.92 m. It is not for nothing that these apartment buildings are called innovative – they have heated loggias, and in summer comfort will be maintained by underfloor cooling.

The Civinity Engineering’s modern panoramic apartments provide a comfortable microclimate, including air conditioning, heating and ventilation in all buildings. In order to perform high-quality calculations of building components and accurately measure the energy performance of a building, the project has already started to be developed in the BIM (Building Information Modeling) environment.

“Five years ago, we made a strategic decision to abandon” flat drawings “and design all engineering systems only in the BIM model. Modeling in a 3D environment reduces the likelihood of errors, a fairy tale that speeds up production processes on a construction site. By designing the microclimate system, we will ensure that the residents of the building will feel comfortable at different times of the year, ”says Titas Kecorius, CEO of Civinity Engineering.

“We are creating magic in Kaunas and presenting an impressive project -” Kaunorama “. It is a complex of three buildings, distinguished by its height, quality and state-of-the-art construction technologies. This is the first project of this type in Kaunas, ”says Ligita Kavaliauskienė, the customer’s representative.

Civinity Engineering is one of the largest engineering systems design and installation companies in Lithuania. The company specializes in engineering solutions for various buildings – its installed systems are used in Vilnius Park Town and Green Hall business centers, DEPO shopping centers, BOD research center, Švyturys brewery and elsewhere.